Some small companies sell karaoke-tracks, and they do not even know their real origin or they just resell them without authorization. There are amateur singers who download them from the Internet or exchange them.
Those karaoke-tracks can only be used at home, they can not be used for public performances. In case you do it you may have legal consequences.

This possibility is banned worldwide by every legislation. If the corresponding purchase invoice is not given or the origin and use of the tracks are not certified you can be legally punished.



Confidence ...

“Roberto Rial Producciones” has the Copyright of all its products. When you acquire them, you are automatically registered in our exclusive " SECURITY LAW " system with the number of your order and your personal data. 
In this way, when you buy our karaoke-tracks you will be able to use them freely for your public performances or your training and rehearsal activities. We grant a lifetime guarantee for our tracks which offers the confidence and professionalism that you deserve
Nevertheless, if you desire to RECORD your voice or instrument with our karaoke-tracks, for promotional or commercial use, you need "The License " of this company.



You can acquire the License of our Karaoke Tracks and record your own CD!!!

All of us have a pending issue, perhaps yours is to record a CD.
Why not ... to try to become a Great Music Star and to sell thousands of CD’s? 
Why not... to immortalize your voice for your beloved people? 
Why not... to carry out this dream?


Acquisition of License:

To record your voice or instrument in a track and upload video to Youtube, iTunes, to burn your cd or dvd, video clip or any other commercial or promotional support, you need the phono-mechanic license of the record label and music producer.


We as Record Label and Music Producer,  we give you the license on our tracks to record your voice or instrument and is known worldwide.
This tranquility is absolute and not violate rights and horrará lot of money on studio hours, arrangers and musicians.
A true advantage in cost and time. 


The License is the  International character's and allows you to duplicate, distribute and sell their work in any country of the world. 




It is strictly prohibited the total and/or partial copy or sale of our karaoke tracks.
It is prohibited the recording of voice or instrument on our karaoke tracks without the corresponding "License" issued by Roberto Rial Productions. 
The infractor will be summoned by civil and criminal courts within National or International Statute Jurisdiction without prior notice.


Licenses are paid once and for each music track used.

is extended to all countries of the world, no end date.


PRICE: Dollar USD 100 ( or the equivalent in your currency )


Request a License to: detailing your project, titles of musical tracks, name, identity and country of residence..


"You can not freely use what is not yours"


The owners copyrights and phono mechanical, make millionaires judgments to offenders for misuse.


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